16 December 2010


My mind is frosted
Fingers become numb
Thoughts are thickened
Deep cold cracks the ice
So frozen
So sore
Crawl inside your flesh
Lay low in your warmth
I am welcomed

15 December 2010



 One chance
 One time
 One glance inside my mind
 To have one thought
 One love inside us all
 One moment too long
 One time so far beyond
 How can one be so long
 One slip
 One break
 One daring plunge
 One passes on
 One moment
 Yesterday is one
 One memory
 One day
 One come
 Only one can hear my song
 One to carry on
 One joy to you
 One that passes through
 One time created for you
 One laugh
 One child
 One day we are a life
 One pleasure
 One night
 Upon one endless dream
 One time of pride
 Slow one memory
 One sunrise
 One leap of faith
 One twist of fate
 One door
 Bring one conclusion
 One open hand
 One day again
 One never ends
 Beauty of one
 One day will come
 Replace one gone
 One motion
 One howl in the night
 One sadness
 One fight
 One comfort
 One tear shed
 Two to one
 One day will come
 One day again
 Create a new one
 One start again
 One glance inside my mind
 One time
 One chance

04 December 2010

"I See"


 Take apart the pieces that are left of me
 Scatter them around the room
 So plain to see
 You know never know how much is missing
 Until you put them back together
 Maybe they were never lost at all
 Pushed carefully aside
 Under the carpet
 In the folds of the sheets
 My past is easier to swallow
 If I sugar coat the pills
 A life of blacks and whites
 Seems better on the outside
 I prefer to dream in colour
 To know the true taste of blood
 To feel the true sting of a love
 How easily we give hate
 And hoard our love
 Make it untouchable
 It makes no sense
 We choose to make ourselves suffer
 Throw the book away
 Before the end
 No “happily ever after”
 Greed and suffering instead
 Ask questions later
 Ignore ones true nature
 Watch out! Your compassion is showing
 Cover it up
 Before anyone notices
 Don’t stand out
 Your opinion only matters
 If you say what you are told
 Bite the hand that feeds
 If it threatens you with starvation
 Before it eats you alive
 Our freedom is all we have
 It is dear to me