18 September 2010

"For Me, For You"


So soft of voice
So warm to the touch
Do I trail off in your presence?
Your breath completes my thoughts
Arms around me
Complete my shell
In your comfort
I fall
In your thoughts
I lie

In your eyes, such loss
In your heart such hope
For me, for you
Never apart
Someday together
Does that scare you?
Does that tear your
Something so vast
Beyond me, beyond you

So empty
Tipped and spilt
Find the future
In what is now before us
For me, for you

10 September 2010

"I Want"


 I want to be moved
 By the things that I say
 I want to hear
 The things that are said to me
 I want to know
 The things I should understand
 I want to be blessed
 By the things that are given to me

 I want to be
 What I want to be
 I want to say
 What I want to say
 I want to be
 Who I am inside
 Throw my inhibitions away
 Come alive

09 September 2010

"I Am Dead"


 I am dead
 Blood has hardened
 Flesh is rotten
 Bones are broken
 I am dead
 Did you fail to notice?
 Or has it been so long
 Since you cared to see?
 Where I used to be
 Lies vacant
 I am dead
 The air lies still
 Once filled with life
 With laughter
 Now only silence
 I am dead
 My eyes hold no light
 My mind holds no thoughts
 My heart no longer beats
 I am dead

04 September 2010

Autumn is being to fall

To start, I am aware that I have a Maple Tree growing in a pot in my kitchen and I am aware that this is less than normal but, C'est la vie. No one ever said I was 'normal'.

I met this little guy months ago when I was pulling weeds for the flower garden. When I pulled him from the garden with roots and all I decided that he deserved a second chance and planted him in a pot to help him recuperate from this traumatic event before finding him a new, more permanent home. He has been my kitchen companion for months now. He has almost double in size and seems and has been quite happy about his new vocation. Life as a house plant must seem easy compared to the hardships he sees his kinfolk endure outside the window.

At one point in the last week or so, while spending some quality dish washing time with my companion I notice that his leaves where beginning to 'brown' at the tips. Being a 'house plant' my first assumption was that I had neglected to water him, thus doing so immediately. As the days past his little leaves continued to dry at the tips. I accepted the fact that like all my house plant, eventually they lose there battle and succumb to my inadequate green thumb.

A few days ago my mind caught up. It finally occurred to me the my little friend was not dying but changing colours. Not like a 'house plant' but like his wild cousins he watches through the kitchen window... yeah, it sometimes takes me a bit to see the obvious!!

Not sure if my little friend is going to winter inside or if I will find him a new home this fall but i know we are going to have to have 'the talk' soon. I shall tell him what he truly is... hope he takes it well.



Sitting in my room
Staring out my window
Condensation falls past my eyes
Down through my own perspective
Such compassion and understanding
I can’t help but feel the same
Bring me warmth
Bring me comfort
Protect me from the cold swiftness
That lurks outside my room
Just outside my window
Through the glory of my days
Through the frosty cold stare of my nights
Open wide
When all darkness passes
Body warmed by a womb
Of comfort and pleasure
Soul soothed by the protection you give
Sitting in my room
Staring out my window