28 May 2010

Naturally Inspired - One

Potential new studio is getting closer to being ready, to being my new hiding spot, my little get away, oasis... Unfortunately right now it is functioning as a "catch all". Some sort of strange vortex is pulling all the junk that has no place or home in to the center of the room which makes it very difficult to prepare or start using my new studio space. Until I have removed all the accumulating junk and find away to permanently seal this vortex I will have to continue waiting to put brush to canvas for the first time in many years...

Until such a time I will share with you a few of my OLD paintings from years ago. These painting have one commonality, the fact that they are all in some way inspired by nature. Please enjoy....

"Riverbed" 2004
Acrylic on Canvas

"Copper Meadow" 2003
Mixed Media on Canvas

"The Forest" 2004
Acrylic on Canvas

26 May 2010

The walls feel wet from the heat,
No movement at all in the streets,
Hide from the sun inside your room,
Your skin sticks to mine and we slide together

"Look at You"


Look at you
Look at the shackles
That have held you
For so long
Entwined in your nature
Vines of poison and beauty
Enlighten you
Through the blood
That you shed upon their thorns
Flow through the sky
Buried in the earth
Drowned in the tears
Sorrow and joy
Drink the drink of life
Poured down your throat
Everlasting intoxication
Drips from your eyes
To see the colours
Blend together
In harmony and madness
Laugh at nothing
Charm yourself in everything
Hung around your neck
To carry it always
The light will shine
For you

Look at you
Look at the shackles
That have held you
For so long
Wind blow
Rush passed you
Like arrows in the night
Threaten to pierce your flesh
Unaware of the threat
Your senses have led you to
Rain dilute the blood
That is spilled
Rain wash away
Unwanted rhymes
From the world of the unknowing
Cast a shadow on the days past
Set ablaze
The future before my eyes
Ash, dust, broken glass
Start again
Bleed the soil with life
Move away with the changing tide
Marry into danger
To see how safe you live your life
Carry a torch
To pity those you do care for
Throw your fire
To the beast
Fish don’t swim well in the dirt
Gasp for air
When they need water
Gasp for air
Pray for rain
Pray for flowers in your hair
Let the dust settle
Deep deep deep
In the carpets
You wouldn’t need to clean it
Out of sight
Burden the mind
With paranoid dream
Awake asleep
Cross the road
Do it again from the other side
On fresh land
Grass that does not smell of urine
Feel pity
As if you have never been
On the other side
I have no choice
But to beat you
Until your eyes bleed
If only you could see
Things the right way
Fly like a bird with no legs
No hindrance
Walk with your hands tied
Same thing

Look at you
Look at the shackles
That have held you for so long
Let the ice melt
Free the seas
Flow again through your veins
Gain momentum
Heart races
Mind chases to keep up
Run free
Run crazy
Like the beasts that howl
In the night
Take care
Not to lose your mind

21 May 2010

Kelly and the Caterpillar

Last year, nearing the end of summer, I spent my afternoon digging potatoes out of my garden - a wheelbarrow full in fact! Always with me was my little side kick and biggest fan, my 2 year old American Cocker Spaniel, Kelly (named after Ned Kelly, btw). He was a tremendous help, digging up, stealing and eating any stray potatoes and the occasional bug - making a complete pig of himself. Unfortunately all of this changed when he came across a few Fuzzy Wuzzy Caterpillars (Wooly Bear Caterpillars, Banded Woolly Bear, etc) crawling around in the dirt.

Naturally, being Kelly he sucked them up and carried about his business. To make a long story short Kelly became very sick and spent the better part of the day hacking, coughing and chowing down on grass to settle his stomach.

While all of this was occurring I started to get the bones of a cute little story running threw my head. I had never written a kiddie story before but I wasn't going to let the opportunity to write it down pass me by. Within 5 minutes the story was down on paper and I was back to caring for my sick puppy.

The story remained dormant with all my other writing for a while. It was only when I started to think ahead to my nephews first birthday (25 December) did I finally have a purpose for my little story! I set about creating cute little illustrations for my book. putting it together and getting a copy printed. I used Lulu.com and was extremely happy with how it turned out!

Hopefully Liam will appreciate it when he gets a bit older. Kelly and Liam luv each other to bits, so it is such a great little story for him!

If you want to check it out, or perhaps buy a copy for your little ones, I would be honoured... So would Kelly!

I have also thrown a few of the illustrations up in my Zazzle Shop!! Cheers!

19 May 2010

"Endless in Time"


We are born
Do you ever think for a moment that you might be living the wrong life?
In a different time
Did you still exist?
Peel away your skin
Slip into mind
Find something long forgotten

Have you been before?
A different time, place
A page torn from a different book
Or just something you can’t recall of the same

Have you ever died?
Do you remember?
Can you remember?
Can one remember something that hasn’t happened yet?

Move on
We may only move on
Slip from one existence to the next
Grains of sand
Endless in time
Washed from sight
Always changing
Always existing
Someplace in time

We are born
Do you ever think for a moment that you might have been given the wrong life?
Grasp at something just out of reach
Peel away your skin
Slip into mind
Find something long forgotten

18 May 2010

"Don't Let Me Go"


When my day has come to an end
I no longer see the light ahead
When I come to a close
The burden drifts from my soul

I do not wish to fade
Please don’t let me fade away
I dream of sleepless nights
That haunt and taint my daily life
I dream of hurt and pain
I dream of crying in the rain
I wish my thoughts could bring me life
That I never lost the fight

But most of all I wish from you
The one thing I fear is true
Not to close the door to me
Pull the blind so not to see
The love and memories I share with you
Please don’t let me fade away
Don’t ever let me go
Don’t ever let me go

So much I shared with you
Because of you
Every dream came true
My blood is part of you
Nothing will ever end this truth

But now I look to you
Please don’t let this become untrue
I dream of anger and of fear
The days I wished you were not there
I dream of abuse and stress
I dream of people making my life a mess
I wish my prayers could bring me life
That I never gave up the fight

But most of all I wish from you
The one thing I fear is true
Not to close the door to me
Pull the blind so not to see
The love and memories I share with you
Please don’t let me fade away
Don’t ever let me go
Don’t ever let me go

My thoughts never cease to pine for you
What I once was now falls to you
Please don’t let me fade away
Don’t ever let me go
Don’t ever let me go
Don’t let me go

14 May 2010

"Could I Destroy You"


Could I destroy you
With one misguided thought
Or slowly over time
Beyond memory
Until all life inside you stops

Could I destroy you
If I was too lazy to care
Add burden on burden
Blind to see
Someday you will not be there

Could I destroy you
By one fatal attack
I grow too powerful
You I do not defend
Everything will end

Could I destroy you

I already am

12 May 2010

My Motley Crue

On 5 August, 1995 I met my little man. Rolling about, showing off on the counter of a small gift shop in Dunrobin Ontario. I had no immediate plans on getting a new kitten. Still being a teenager and in High School it was ultimately my mothers decision either way... and I didn't hold out hope, this wasn't the first time a kitten had warmed my heart. However today was different and 15 minute later we left the Gift Shop with my little fuzzy bundle of joy.

Motley's first day at home - 5 August 1995

There was no question in my mind as to what his name would be. Motley Crue, Motley for short. He spent the first few days living in my bedroom before being introduced to an entire house to roam and conquer. My grandmother who lived with us was never a "cat person" ... she made him a kitten toy... he was really part of our family.

Dec 1995

He was my joy. He kept me company, luved me unconditionally as cats always do and made High School a little more bearable to say the least. He even accompanied me to my final exams... can't say that the photo help me graduate or anything but I was proud of my beautiful yet somewhat crazy cat!

Motley and his little "brother" Cagney - 6 June 2004

In the past few years Motley has had some 'hiccups' in regards to his health. The worst of which put him in kitty hospital for 5 days but he has always pulled through. We are now less than one month away from his 15th birthday and his is having another 'hiccup' and I am concerned that it my be more. It started on my birthday - a kidney infection, not good, not the first issue with his kidneys either. It scares me a lot. It is not what I want for him or any member of anyones fur family... it is no way to go... I always wanted him to pass peacefully in his sleep in his favourite cuddly spot, happily, without pain, at a good old age... I am so hoping that this is still in his cards. I don't want to have to make that other decision... not now - not ever...

He is not eating much and is skinny, very skinny. I still hold out hope that it is not yet his time.

Everyday we look at our cats, dogs, any of our furry friends and know that someday, all too soon they will... we will have to say goodbye. Yet we luv them anyway, we open our hearts to them anyway and when we lose them, when our hearts are broken we know, that we will do it again...

Keep your thoughts with my little man, he needs them...

17 April 2010

10 May 2010



My world is a revolving door
Move too fast
Lose my direction
End up where I was before
Two feet
I’m standing on a trap door
What I missed before
The door
The walls around me slide shut
I see where I want to be
My reflection from where I used to be
Mind aborted
Trapped behind a closing door
Sliding door
Where I hid before
Found the right door
Locked as before
Key lies behind me
On the floor
I’m standing on a trap door
End up where I was before

07 May 2010

Hysteria Face

One night last week I spent the better part of my evening crawling around in the crawl space under our edition. Last weekend was New Moon Rabbit Rescue's annual Garage Sale & Bake Sale. I know I have more stuff than I know what to do with and thought I could find a couple of boxes worth of stuff to add to the growing pile of treasures. I did in fact find A LOT of things I no longer needed or wanted, but to be honest I had other things that motivated me to crawl around cracking my head on the 2 1/2 foot high ceiling... I was looking for this,

The date on this is - 1996. Man, was I proud of this thing, still am actually. When I started making it I had no idea what it would look like but as it sat, waiting to be painted, that's when I decided it would be a perfect tribute to one of my favourite bands - Def Leppard

For anyone unfamiliar with Def Leppard, the 'inspiration' for the painting is from the album cover for Hysteria... hence the name! hahaha!

And for those who have never seen the cover...



06 May 2010



Congratulations child
You’ve done somethin’ in life
That most people dream of
Only in the night

You shine so brightly
Nothing fazes you
Something burns inside
That never fades in you

What’s gone wrong?
What changes you?
So free a child
Something’s killing you

Where does it come from?
What’s tainting you?
I see you slipping
I fear for you

Can I help you child?
Hold you close
If I could only talk to you
I’m at such a loss

If only I knew the words
If only I had the chance
If only I noticed you
Then you would not pass

I feel I failed you
Left you behind
I still watch for you
You’re always in our minds