10 June 2011

"In The Twilight"

I have been wanting to post this poem for quite some time but have been very apprehensive to doing so as I don't wish for it to be completely misunderstood.  So at my friends advice I am adding this little disclaimer to the top!! Ha!!

This poem has nothing to do with vampires, creatures of the night or the Twilight Series of books... but I hope you like it just the same!! ;)


In the twilight
You stand
In my twilight
You live

The moon so bright
I can almost see
Through you
I begin to fear
You’re not real at all

You try to
My fraying edges
Bring me peace
When no one can

You laugh at
My mischievous eyes
We hold so tight
The day is coming

The sun is rising
You burn away
Like the morning dew
No longer with you

In the twilight
We stand
In the twilight
We are one