30 November 2011

"Dirty Lies"


 Something dirty lies in your hands
 Concealed from sight when my eyes drifted away
 A thought inside a whisper
 That was not understood
 The dirt from a buried thought
 Of the lies we never knew

 Wash our hands of this despair
 Brought by someone
 From another place
 Whispered words are never spoken
 Whispered words that are not real
 Screams that leave a scar

 Mistrust never, never
 But hearts are broken, aching
 Our hearts bleed such tears
 The fueled desires of others
 Dirty lies, to break us
 We will not make real

28 September 2011



 I feel your mind
 It does not sleep
 I hear your thoughts
 Crawl up inside me

 I feel your hand
 Beneath the sheets
 You toss and turn
 But don’t move at all

 Your hand grasps
 For mine
 You need to feel
 Some life
 You feel so cold
 So alone
 Although you lie
 By my side

 So distant
 You become
 So far your thoughts
 Can chase you
 How lost in them
 You find yourself

 I can take you in
 Hold you
 To my skin
 Feel the warmth
 That I give
 Feel the warmth
 From within

 My thoughts
 Weave through yours
 Your eyes yield access
 To bring you back
 With each breath
 That we take

11 September 2011

Simple Heroes

My thoughts are with those who lost theirs lives ten years ago today. 
My thoughts are with their family, friends and loved ones.

You will never be forgotten.

"Simple Heroes" 2001
acrylic on canvas

"Simple Heroes" 2001
original sketch

"Nothing But Paradise"

Nothing But Paradise
 It is our paradise
 Still, lingering, senses alive
 The softness of the world
 In which we lie together
 Moving each time
 To find ourselves
 Still wrapped in embrace
 Push my hand into the sheets on my bed
 Implant myself as memories in its shape
 Move with its movements
 Change as it shifts
 Creases always flow to you
 A world we make upon my bed
 An island – Far away
 We stay stranded for a lifetime

 To pray nothing changes
 To hide together, forever
 We chase each other through our minds
 Lover to lover
 Word for word
 Match sensations
 Our time together does not end
 Nothing but paradise
 We will hide

10 September 2011

"Misguided Emotions"

 Misguided Emotions

 My mind is troubled by what it cannot find
 I search and try to understand what you are
 Dip my heart somewhere I do not tread
 Drag my mind through the garbage that is your belief
 Stemmed by something you do not understand
 The heart plays tricks of the world one cannot accept
 I garnish the words you speak in a hypocritical stance
 Believe that you mean no harm


 The world is black in my eyes
 The sun rises behind me
 Today anyway
 I seem peaceful and calm
 On my skin it seems real
 No pain can be felt or seen
 My mind is alive
 Crippled inside
 By the pain you can’t see 

25 August 2011

"Our Moments"

 Tell my secrets to the wind
 Tackle the thoughts inside my head
 Voices lead me
 Point and counter point
 Passed the moments we have been

 Our silence meets
 At point of virtue
 Our words to each
 Speak our wicked ways
 Our minds are tangled
 Such thoughts conceived
 Moments, Sensations
 Timelessly weaved

"Live In Peace"

Live In Peace

You wound me with your words - dirty
You scathe me with your unknowing attacks - stupid
I need something you do not understand - knowledge
I need something you cannot give - love
My mind and soul are not yours - to decide
My body is not yours - to cage – to ignore
I was never something you - should give away
I am something you should have thought about

I am a rabbit - a ten year commitment
I am something to love and embrace
I live - I die - I want to do so in peace

20 August 2011



 You dig through me 
With your lips that pierce
 Scratch acid into my skin 
With your touch that wounds me

 For what?

 No admitting 
You are not perfect
 Nothing prouder 
Than your sheep's skin



 I lie alone in my bed
 I think of you
 Tangled in my sheets
 I think of you

 I count the mole and freckles on your body
 I feel your hot breath
 On my skin
 I think of you

 I see the scar on your thigh
 I stretch my arms to feel you near me
 I tangle further in my sheets
 I think of you

26 July 2011

Twitter #Poems - Four

Haven't posted one of these in a while and it seems like as good a time as any.  Be sure to check out the links at the bottom of the post to the first three Twitter #Poems blogs!!

Cheers ~~ M


Intent on his death
He takes the stance of the lost
But falls in her arms
21 October 2010


Take you in my hands
To see the world the first time
Born into life
22 October 2010


Across a crowded room we are apart
Catch our eyes together
Smile and twinkle
About the words we spoke last night
And are together
4 November 2010


Loving hands
Loving voice
patience and belief
Lead her to become
All she has never been
4 November 2010


Stroke the pain
Invisibly bleed
Alone inside you mind
Your own enemy
4 November 2010


Your words are crude
Your voice is true
Feelings you try to say
So strong, so pure, so true
I know your love
7 November 2010


Feeling fractures in my bones
Hidden by my clothes of skin
Hanging faded, ripped and torn
From the life I hold within
16 November 2010


19 July 2011

"In Your Mind"

 In Your Mind
 I am in your mind
 I am what you believe
 Do you understand
 This makes me real
 Deflect the past
 To embrace what's next
 I am inside this mind
 Do you believe?

14 July 2011

"Time With You"

Time With You

Drag my fingers through the sand
Pass the time in to your hands
Create a place to shelter with you
Time creates the vessel
We shall flow her winding movements

As time drifts with us
Find the way we always were
As time drifts with us
Find the way we always are
As time drifts with us
Find a way to hold on tight

Taking time to make it real
Feel your touch
Grip and peel back the shadows
Find the light in the darkness
Find the future

As time drifts with us
Find the way we always were
As time drifts with us
Find the way we always are
As time drifts with us
Find a way to hold on tight

Drag my fingers through the sand
Pass the time in to your hands
Create a place to shelter with you
Time creates the vessel
We shall flow her winding movements

Find the future with you

13 July 2011

"My Truths"

My Truths

I feel the sensations in my fingers tips
The urge to scratch at memories
Beneath the surface
A different life that I once lead
Hides beneath my skin

I grasp to find its feelings, memories
I need to know its still there
Hidden behind these faded doors
To crack them
Become what lies within

10 June 2011

"In The Twilight"

I have been wanting to post this poem for quite some time but have been very apprehensive to doing so as I don't wish for it to be completely misunderstood.  So at my friends advice I am adding this little disclaimer to the top!! Ha!!

This poem has nothing to do with vampires, creatures of the night or the Twilight Series of books... but I hope you like it just the same!! ;)


In the twilight
You stand
In my twilight
You live

The moon so bright
I can almost see
Through you
I begin to fear
You’re not real at all

You try to
My fraying edges
Bring me peace
When no one can

You laugh at
My mischievous eyes
We hold so tight
The day is coming

The sun is rising
You burn away
Like the morning dew
No longer with you

In the twilight
We stand
In the twilight
We are one

02 May 2011

"One Drop"


 One insignificant droplet
 Forms unannounced
 Is pulled back into itself
 And disappears within its mass

 One simple droplet
 High above the grass below it
 Falls, glistening like crystal
 Fatally falling to the earth below

 One droplet quivers
 And breaks loose from its perch
 Quickly devoured
 By branches beneath its path
 One misguided trickle
 Bends and weaves itself along a rock wall
 Reform, rejoined, departed
 With every curve and bend it faces

 One growing tear
 Two tears
 Three tears pass by my window
 And meet again to be reborn

 One delicate droplet
 Joins another and joins again
 To be consumed by itself
 A ripple, an echo

 One endless beat
 One calming rhythm
 One endless song
 To soothe you
 Until the sun returns

28 April 2011

"A Words Journey"

A Words Journey 

 A word
 Inside a verse
 On a page
 Inside my book
 Comes from
 My pen
 In my hand
 Course through
 My veins
 Inside my mind
 Within its depths
 Inside a book
 On a page
 Inside a verse
 A word
 Leapt from the page

18 March 2011

"Turn Out The Light"


 Turn out the light
 The world suffers
 I lay upon my bed
 Hatred grows around us
 Roll to my right
 Wars begin
 Arm extend across the bed
 People suffer, people die
 Left leg bends at the knee
 Smell the death that’s in the air
 Inner left thigh grazes the sheets
 Struggle to live another day
 Head rests
 Bury the dead
 Eyes close
 The dead bury the dead
 Peace surrounds me
 Live in fear

28 February 2011

"We Linger"


 Do I feel the way I always felt?
 Are the lips that touch my neck still felt?
 Do I hear the words that I once knew?
 To touch, embrace, my soul. Can I hear you?
 Your fingers dance
 Like steam across my skin
 Your eyes burn through me
 Past the tales I could tell
 Beyond my sense of reason
 We lie, We linger

21 February 2011

"The Other Side"


 I’ve never worked an honest day in my life
 So they think
 I never cared much for them anyway
 The power to judge other people
 Makes us very important to ourselves
 Then again, maybe that’s all that matters
 On the other side

 Sometimes I wonder if this is the life I was meant to lead
 Or did I end up on the other side to early
 Never to see all I could
 Maybe I did not follow the path I should have
 Make the choices I was supposed to make
 Take the road we are all expected to take
 The perfect life we are all meant to have
 It would get pretty crowded at the end
 A long stuffy ride to the other side

 Maybe if everyone liked me for my money
 I could take it away
 And see how lonely I truly am
 We are all alone
 But which is worse
 To be alone
 Or to have so little imagination
 That you can’t pretend that you aren’t
 Take a breath, a sip of wine
 And I’ll see you
 On the other side

 Take life one step at a time
 Things might taste better, look better or feel better
 Maybe I would be more like you
 If I sped up the world
 Just to get it done
 Live life one step at a time
 Perhaps live life one train wreck at a time
 I think I will enjoy my ride more
 To the other side

 The other side is were we will be
 Doesn’t matter how I choose to do it
 Let my eyes see how it really is
 Instead of believing what I am told to before I even there
 You do it your way
 I’ll stick with mine
 We will exchange notes
 On the other side

02 February 2011

Twitter #Poems - Three


Our luv runs deep
Though our lust runs deeper
Our eyes whisper madness
Sweet desire
Deep in the darkness 
We hide inside each other
8 October 2010


Warm my skin in the sun
Sun dangles from my eyelashes
13 October 2010


Someday our love embrace must separate
But forever we will be bound
Eternity we will find and hold
Again what we once had together
13 October 2010


I see the light in your eyes
Reflected back
Across the light in the sky
Your eyes drift to me
14 October 2010


What you hold to yourself as the truth
Is not necessarily the truth of another
Though both are seldom wrong
14 October 2010


They hold the light in their hands
Understand what it means
Keep it safe, always warm
Hesitant to give it to us
When the time is right
18 October 2010


You pull a strand of my hair
From your lips
Feel it brush
Across your neck
As my lips meet yours
18 October 2010


07 January 2011

"I Would.."


 I would paint
 If I had something to paint
 I would write
 If I had something to write
 I would take a picture
 If I saw more than the back of the same everyday
 I would laugh
 If something were funny
 I would smile
 If something brought me joy
 I would cry
 If something made me sad
 I would hold you
 If it would help
 I would throw it away
 If I had all the money in the world
 I would throw it away
 If I had none
 I would breathe better
 If I didn’t smoke cigarettes
 I wouldn’t smoke
 If you didn’t offer them to me
 I wouldn’t worry about my weight
 If I wasn’t so fat
 I would worry about what you thought of me
 If I cared.
 I might bite
 If you touched me
 I might not
 If you want to try
 I would choose an accent colour for my room
 If there weren’t so many colours
 I would give milk
 If I had a baby
 I would be warmer
 If I closed the window
 I would love
 If I found it
 I would make love
 If it were there to make
 I would follow you
 If you held my hand
 I would live
 If I could open my eyes

04 January 2011

The Eight Commandments

Had a little impromptu party with a good friend of mine...

The evening progressed quite well and a good time was had by all. By the end of the night we had succeeded in creating the eight commandments of.. umm... life?

The next day was quite... quiet! ;)

Cheers! xxxxx

01 January 2011

Year's End

 It starts again
 My friends again
 All over again
 So soon

 We start a new
 Another brand new
 To begin the new
 Resolve - Renew

 And end again
 Much too soon!