07 January 2011

"I Would.."


 I would paint
 If I had something to paint
 I would write
 If I had something to write
 I would take a picture
 If I saw more than the back of the same everyday
 I would laugh
 If something were funny
 I would smile
 If something brought me joy
 I would cry
 If something made me sad
 I would hold you
 If it would help
 I would throw it away
 If I had all the money in the world
 I would throw it away
 If I had none
 I would breathe better
 If I didn’t smoke cigarettes
 I wouldn’t smoke
 If you didn’t offer them to me
 I wouldn’t worry about my weight
 If I wasn’t so fat
 I would worry about what you thought of me
 If I cared.
 I might bite
 If you touched me
 I might not
 If you want to try
 I would choose an accent colour for my room
 If there weren’t so many colours
 I would give milk
 If I had a baby
 I would be warmer
 If I closed the window
 I would love
 If I found it
 I would make love
 If it were there to make
 I would follow you
 If you held my hand
 I would live
 If I could open my eyes

04 January 2011

The Eight Commandments

Had a little impromptu party with a good friend of mine...

The evening progressed quite well and a good time was had by all. By the end of the night we had succeeded in creating the eight commandments of.. umm... life?

The next day was quite... quiet! ;)

Cheers! xxxxx

01 January 2011

Year's End

 It starts again
 My friends again
 All over again
 So soon

 We start a new
 Another brand new
 To begin the new
 Resolve - Renew

 And end again
 Much too soon!