02 May 2011

"One Drop"


 One insignificant droplet
 Forms unannounced
 Is pulled back into itself
 And disappears within its mass

 One simple droplet
 High above the grass below it
 Falls, glistening like crystal
 Fatally falling to the earth below

 One droplet quivers
 And breaks loose from its perch
 Quickly devoured
 By branches beneath its path
 One misguided trickle
 Bends and weaves itself along a rock wall
 Reform, rejoined, departed
 With every curve and bend it faces

 One growing tear
 Two tears
 Three tears pass by my window
 And meet again to be reborn

 One delicate droplet
 Joins another and joins again
 To be consumed by itself
 A ripple, an echo

 One endless beat
 One calming rhythm
 One endless song
 To soothe you
 Until the sun returns