28 April 2010

"Desert Flower"


A desert flower
So wild and free
In the harshness of the day
Comfort and peace
An eternity away
Still she stands
Proud and alone
Beauty admired
Misunderstood by all

Why does she choose
Such a harsh
Unforgiving existence
Such an easy life
She could have if she wanted
But still she stands
Alone in the sand
Tall and proud
Strong unbound

Every day would seem
A challenge
Yet she would have it
No other way
So hard a terrain
Others left dying
Yet every morning
Without fail
Dewdrops glisten
On the tips
Of her pale petals

Admire this
Desert flower from afar
Too simple a life
Would leave her
Wilted dull
So wild, so free
So strong, so proud
Such beauty
Such elegance
Such a harsh world
She’s found

Daybreak arrives
Watch her perform
She does it so well
For all to admire
It seems almost a miracle
A desert flower
So wild and free
Beauty admired
Misunderstood by all

17 April 2010



Carefully she steps from
Her open cage
Impressions fall to her feet
Love and admiration
Just casualties left behind
In the wake
In the ever present dawn
Of something new
Something very big
Yet to announce itself
To the one that will make it so
She will understand the intricacies
How to move
How to make all the colours wash
Into one another
As the ocean turns the sands
Turns once sharp harsh
Unforgiving glass
To perfect and smooth
Pieces of something new
All can fade to night
Chased of the last edges of light
Darkness collides with her mind
Blue, red, pink, silver
Tangled in her eyes
Her feet burn with cold
Senses drawn in from below
Carefully she steps from
Her open cage
She opens her eyes to the world

13 April 2010



I don’t deserve to be bought because I’m young and cute
I don’t deserve to be tossed because you’re bored and want something new
I don’t deserve to live in the cold
I don’t deserve to be euthanized because I’m old
I don’t deserve to be bred for you to make money
I don’t deserve to be fed only carrots because you watch Bugs Bunny
I don’t deserve to die from neglect
I don’t deserve to be thought of as a disposable pet
I don’t deserve to be left in my cage
I don’t deserve to be hurt by your rage
I don’t deserve to be picked up by the ears
I don’t deserve to be ignored - you can’t see my tears
I don’t deserve to be thrown in the trash
I don’t deserve for my fur to be tied up in mats
I don’t deserve to be fed food that makes me sick
I don’t deserve to be raised in ignorance

I deserve love, compassion and kindness
I deserve a home that is real, forever and safe
I deserve to live without fear, sickness and hate
I deserve nothing less than you yourself deserve

I need you to know how much I need you
And with time you will need me too

Moon Bunny

As I have mentioned, only briefly in the past, a friend and I founded a rabbit rescue about 4 years ago. Naturally this has spawned several creative endeavors involving bunnies - poetry, graphics, logos, crafts and otherwise. One of my favourite and also one of the most recent is the 'Moon Bunny'.

I created this graphic in order to help raise money for New Moon Rabbit Rescue. It can be purchase on a variety of merchandise on the rescue's Cafepress Store and Zazzle Store. 100% of the proceeds raised (from Moon Bunny and all other graphics) go to the rescue - directly towards the care of the rabbits!!

08 April 2010

"Among Us"


Wash my body of the lies
Burn the books that hold the truth
Blind the eyes that see
Cover the mouths of those who speak

We might as well be mute
The world might as well be deaf
Bleed the earth
Steal the life from her hands

Release those that are corrupt
To burden our senses with delusion
Bury our happiness under the feet of fear
Create chaos in our dreams

Pour salt in the wounds of our existence
Steal from the children
Their hopes and dreams
Walk among us



Maybe I lost my own path
Maybe I've gone astray
Maybe what I thought was mine
Was never mine anyway

Maybe I'm never certain
Maybe I got it wrong
Maybe I'm on the right brick road
And it was never gold at all

06 April 2010

Digging Deep - Three

Here are a couple more "oldies". They are the last of the ones I found when I was digging through my old things a few weeks back. I might... no, I will have some more in the future. I know more will turn up as I start to set up a new space to paint.

A new space... makes me nervous. I have wanted this opportunity for years. Now that I have almost succeeded in getting a place, just for me so that I can start where I left off - I am faced with starting where I left off. It's kind of like riding a bike - you never forget, right? However, the first time you get on that bike after a decade of not riding you aren't quite as steady or confident as you used to be and you certainly aren't riding with no hands or sideways or jumping off while moving instead of using the breaks. That takes time. You must rebuild the skills you once had - that's what scares me. In my case, the skills that were only developing.

I am not looking forward to painting, at 30 years old, like I painted when I was 16. But I will just the same.

01 April 2010

"Make Me Real"


Shadows dance around me
Like a landscape
I move among you
Though no one is aware
Of my existence

Quietly move around you
Wanting to be seen
Get to know the real me
Deep down inside

Flesh and bone
Make me real
To the eyes
They can see nothing

Would you still remain blind
If I broke out in laughter
Would you understand
If I had no disguise left
Would you recognise me
To break free would be a dream
So far from reality