25 August 2011

"Our Moments"

 Tell my secrets to the wind
 Tackle the thoughts inside my head
 Voices lead me
 Point and counter point
 Passed the moments we have been

 Our silence meets
 At point of virtue
 Our words to each
 Speak our wicked ways
 Our minds are tangled
 Such thoughts conceived
 Moments, Sensations
 Timelessly weaved

"Live In Peace"

Live In Peace

You wound me with your words - dirty
You scathe me with your unknowing attacks - stupid
I need something you do not understand - knowledge
I need something you cannot give - love
My mind and soul are not yours - to decide
My body is not yours - to cage – to ignore
I was never something you - should give away
I am something you should have thought about

I am a rabbit - a ten year commitment
I am something to love and embrace
I live - I die - I want to do so in peace

20 August 2011



 You dig through me 
With your lips that pierce
 Scratch acid into my skin 
With your touch that wounds me

 For what?

 No admitting 
You are not perfect
 Nothing prouder 
Than your sheep's skin



 I lie alone in my bed
 I think of you
 Tangled in my sheets
 I think of you

 I count the mole and freckles on your body
 I feel your hot breath
 On my skin
 I think of you

 I see the scar on your thigh
 I stretch my arms to feel you near me
 I tangle further in my sheets
 I think of you