28 February 2011

"We Linger"


 Do I feel the way I always felt?
 Are the lips that touch my neck still felt?
 Do I hear the words that I once knew?
 To touch, embrace, my soul. Can I hear you?
 Your fingers dance
 Like steam across my skin
 Your eyes burn through me
 Past the tales I could tell
 Beyond my sense of reason
 We lie, We linger

21 February 2011

"The Other Side"


 I’ve never worked an honest day in my life
 So they think
 I never cared much for them anyway
 The power to judge other people
 Makes us very important to ourselves
 Then again, maybe that’s all that matters
 On the other side

 Sometimes I wonder if this is the life I was meant to lead
 Or did I end up on the other side to early
 Never to see all I could
 Maybe I did not follow the path I should have
 Make the choices I was supposed to make
 Take the road we are all expected to take
 The perfect life we are all meant to have
 It would get pretty crowded at the end
 A long stuffy ride to the other side

 Maybe if everyone liked me for my money
 I could take it away
 And see how lonely I truly am
 We are all alone
 But which is worse
 To be alone
 Or to have so little imagination
 That you can’t pretend that you aren’t
 Take a breath, a sip of wine
 And I’ll see you
 On the other side

 Take life one step at a time
 Things might taste better, look better or feel better
 Maybe I would be more like you
 If I sped up the world
 Just to get it done
 Live life one step at a time
 Perhaps live life one train wreck at a time
 I think I will enjoy my ride more
 To the other side

 The other side is were we will be
 Doesn’t matter how I choose to do it
 Let my eyes see how it really is
 Instead of believing what I am told to before I even there
 You do it your way
 I’ll stick with mine
 We will exchange notes
 On the other side

02 February 2011

Twitter #Poems - Three


Our luv runs deep
Though our lust runs deeper
Our eyes whisper madness
Sweet desire
Deep in the darkness 
We hide inside each other
8 October 2010


Warm my skin in the sun
Sun dangles from my eyelashes
13 October 2010


Someday our love embrace must separate
But forever we will be bound
Eternity we will find and hold
Again what we once had together
13 October 2010


I see the light in your eyes
Reflected back
Across the light in the sky
Your eyes drift to me
14 October 2010


What you hold to yourself as the truth
Is not necessarily the truth of another
Though both are seldom wrong
14 October 2010


They hold the light in their hands
Understand what it means
Keep it safe, always warm
Hesitant to give it to us
When the time is right
18 October 2010


You pull a strand of my hair
From your lips
Feel it brush
Across your neck
As my lips meet yours
18 October 2010