11 January 2012



 I can be poison
 I can be pain
 Instead I sit inside
 And wait
 All of your words
 All of your ways
 Still I wait
 And won’t go away
 To feel your heat
 To know your wisdom
 What I search for
 Wait and wish for

 I can feel poison
 I can feel pain
 Beaten and broken
 Still won’t go away
 Decided I stand
 Wait for the world
 To find us, to take us
 Away from it all

 Together we are
 Infinitely – It all…

30 November 2011

"Dirty Lies"


 Something dirty lies in your hands
 Concealed from sight when my eyes drifted away
 A thought inside a whisper
 That was not understood
 The dirt from a buried thought
 Of the lies we never knew

 Wash our hands of this despair
 Brought by someone
 From another place
 Whispered words are never spoken
 Whispered words that are not real
 Screams that leave a scar

 Mistrust never, never
 But hearts are broken, aching
 Our hearts bleed such tears
 The fueled desires of others
 Dirty lies, to break us
 We will not make real

28 September 2011



 I feel your mind
 It does not sleep
 I hear your thoughts
 Crawl up inside me

 I feel your hand
 Beneath the sheets
 You toss and turn
 But don’t move at all

 Your hand grasps
 For mine
 You need to feel
 Some life
 You feel so cold
 So alone
 Although you lie
 By my side

 So distant
 You become
 So far your thoughts
 Can chase you
 How lost in them
 You find yourself

 I can take you in
 Hold you
 To my skin
 Feel the warmth
 That I give
 Feel the warmth
 From within

 My thoughts
 Weave through yours
 Your eyes yield access
 To bring you back
 With each breath
 That we take

11 September 2011

Simple Heroes

My thoughts are with those who lost theirs lives ten years ago today. 
My thoughts are with their family, friends and loved ones.

You will never be forgotten.

"Simple Heroes" 2001
acrylic on canvas

"Simple Heroes" 2001
original sketch

"Nothing But Paradise"

Nothing But Paradise
 It is our paradise
 Still, lingering, senses alive
 The softness of the world
 In which we lie together
 Moving each time
 To find ourselves
 Still wrapped in embrace
 Push my hand into the sheets on my bed
 Implant myself as memories in its shape
 Move with its movements
 Change as it shifts
 Creases always flow to you
 A world we make upon my bed
 An island – Far away
 We stay stranded for a lifetime

 To pray nothing changes
 To hide together, forever
 We chase each other through our minds
 Lover to lover
 Word for word
 Match sensations
 Our time together does not end
 Nothing but paradise
 We will hide