31 March 2010

Digging Deep - Two

Wow! I wish I had more time to work on my blog, work on my writing, art or for that matter - ANYTHING!! Running an animal rescue is time consuming to put it simply. Running a rabbit rescue around Easter time is not fun at all.

Here are a couple more oldies for you see... until Easter is over and I have a bit more time to spend on me!

Happy Easter Everyone!


25 March 2010

Digging Deep - One

I have been digging through old sketch books and old folders looking for the oldest drawings and sketches that I can find. I would like to share a few of them with you - if you promise not to laugh to loud!

They are old, not quite school old but getting close to it! Some of these were from before I actually took the plunge and bought a sketch book.

23 March 2010

"Wet Again"


I’m wet again
Left out in the pouring rain
I’m standing here
Lost in contemplation
On the changing landscape of my mind

Through the rain
See the colours of the universe
Stretch out across the pavement
Like an oil slick
To cloud my mind

I carry a rhythm in my head
Drown out the voices in my mind
Leave me naked
Leave me blind
Leave me shattered over time

But still I wait
Cry, shake, anticipate
The moment when I reunite
My body, mind and soul
To come alive

21 March 2010

"Faithful Friends"


Oh you want to join it
Join the world
You long to understand
Dream and hope
Wish and believe
You will understand
What it feels like to be them

They’re all so busy
No time for you
Some happy, some sad
No time for you
If you had all the time
In the world
You still could not express
All your love to them
No time for you

Maybe someday
You will understand
You are part of a much
Littler world my friend
The world you dream of
Is a cold lonely place
I know you can’t imagine this
I see the innocence in your face

Will you ever stop dreaming
Will you ever lose the excitement
That once filled your days
Will you ever stop wondering
What it’s like to be them
Will you ever know
That all you need lies right here
In the hearts
Of your most faithful friends

20 March 2010

To boldly go... or go quietly into the night?

I have spent far too many years looking back. The past can be difficult to let go of. It is safe, it is bold, it is young. It is everything we wanted to be but somehow forgot along the way. It is much easier to look back and ridicule yourself for the choices you have made then it is to pick up the pieces and simply move on.

I need to move on. I sit and look back at drawings and paintings and think of how I could have improved since then. I look at the dates in the signatures almost as punishment, a slap on the wrist for the years that have passed.

I need to start again. I need to put aside everything and start again... learn again. I picked up a paint brush a few weeks back to repaint a giant bunny named Kenny that I had made several years ago for my rescue. I felt more at peace than I have in a long time. Kenny isn't anything special, nothing brilliant or profound but it didn't matter - I was happy.

I have come to realise over the past few months how little anyone really knows me and maybe it is time that changed. About 4 1/2 years ago I start writing, sometimes I wrote a lot. Very few people even know this and I think it's time that changed as well... as terrified as I am to do so - it is time. I plan to start painting again, I would like to share that with you and occasionally throw in something from my past as well.