28 September 2011



 I feel your mind
 It does not sleep
 I hear your thoughts
 Crawl up inside me

 I feel your hand
 Beneath the sheets
 You toss and turn
 But don’t move at all

 Your hand grasps
 For mine
 You need to feel
 Some life
 You feel so cold
 So alone
 Although you lie
 By my side

 So distant
 You become
 So far your thoughts
 Can chase you
 How lost in them
 You find yourself

 I can take you in
 Hold you
 To my skin
 Feel the warmth
 That I give
 Feel the warmth
 From within

 My thoughts
 Weave through yours
 Your eyes yield access
 To bring you back
 With each breath
 That we take

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